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Here’s listing of various audio recordings I have done including my Voice of the Doctor Radio Show and various interviews and podcasts that I have contributed to



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The High-Tech Hospital the World Wasn’t Ready For
Data Book from HCA News

In 1994, what was supposed to be a game-changing hospital opened just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. It was called Health Care International, and it was touted as the “first paperless hospital.” But less than half a year later, it was in financial ruin and on the auction block.

Today on Data Book, we tell the story of Health Care International, or HCI, and its forward-thinking technological approach. What produced the problems that plagued this progressive project? And what can contemporary healthcare, on its path toward digitization and data dominance, learn from this nearly 30-year-old story?

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Digital Healthcare and Medical Innovation with Dr. Nick van Terheyden – an Interview with Dr Chris Stout
Living a Life in Full

You can read the accompanying summary on LinkedIn that includes links to the articles

Do you want to better understand Augmented Reality in surgery and training, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in diagnostics, DNA editing and CRISPR, precision medicine, big data and predictive analytics, bio-hacking, evidence-based medicine, and the value of incremental medicine? Then you’ll really enjoy this tour-de-force episode with Dr. Nick van Terheyden. Physician and citizen of the world. Dr. van Terheyden is a key thought leader in digital healthcare and innovation.

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Outcomes Rocket

Welcome to the Outcomes Rocket podcast where we inspire collaborative thinking, improved outcomes and business success with today’s most successful and inspiring healthcare leaders and influencers. And now your host, Saul Marquez:

How Incremental Shifts can Have Exponential Results in Health with Dr. Nick, Chief Medical Officer at Basehealth, Inc. and CEO at Incremental Healthcare:





HealthcareNOWRadioHarlow on Healthcare
Bringing Predictive, Evidence-based Population Health Management to Market



The DocWeighsIn: BaseHealth: The First Predictive Health Platform:




Voice of the Doctor

Voice of the Doctor

The Voice of the Doctor was an online Radio Show broadcast with HiTech Answers in 2012 through2013. You can get listen to the recordings here

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