The Problem with Problem Lists

November 5, 2010

A colleague and friend wrote this great piece for Health Management Technology : The Problem with Problem Lists in which he reviews the history of the problem list (now over 40 years old!) and while While their …

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Vaccination suits

October 17, 2010

While the idea of law suits against vaccine manufactures is appealing. Opening these doors to a multitude of frivolous cases will have a chilling effect on vaccine development and vaccine use Supreme Court Considers Vaccine …

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Fish oil studies

September 22, 2010

No doubt the recently presented abstract on fish oil will drive even more alternative medicine claims. The study currently preliminary: HFSA: Fish Oil Benefits Early Heart Failure (CME/CE) As always the data requires careful analysis …

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3-D Printing WIll Impact Joint Replacements Soon

New developments in technology to allow for the creation of components in real time in three dimensions >>>… imagine the possibilities for grafts, artificial organs and joints built customized to the individual. We are starting …

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Dragon Helps Matchmaking

September 3, 2010

The latest in a an annual competition looking for unusual and innovative users of Dragon the winner of the 2010 I speak Dragon contest EvanUp posted a story Dragon NaturallySpeaking: a matchmaker – a truly …

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