Clinical Narrative Integrated into the EHR

by Dr Nick

From Health Data Matrix August 2009: Clinical Narrative Integrated into the EHR – Harmony with Healthstory

It’s been 40 years since we placed a man on the moon. It was a big step forward for mankind. We even had a re-creation of the experience via Twitter with live Tweets replicating the original timeline. The contributions of that mission and others led to enormous advancements in technology. Most people are familiar with the origins of Velcro, Tang, and Teflon, but medical science has also benefited from the space program1, especially our understanding of
human physiological function, telemedicine, remote monitoring, and robotics.
Clinicians, patients, and healthcare knowledge workers must all be asking how they can get, use, and generate the full Health Story. If they don’t, they may find that their world disappears, much like the Encyclopedia Britannica did when they failed to move with the times and find a way to offer their content and their huge database to the digital world

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