Flu and Flu Vaccination

by Dr Nick

Flu and Flu Vaccination

Flu Season is Approaching

This week we are focusing on the Flu and the Flu Vaccination

What is the Flu

What is flu and how does it differ from a common cold. It’s a highly contagious viral illness that does not respond to antibiotics and changes every year and infects between 5-20% of the population every year and kills anywhere from 3000 to 49,000 each year and far worse worldwide based on a recent Lancet Study that estimates deaths up to 650,000 vs Previous 250-500k

In the US the uptake of the Flu vaccination is a little over 40% in adults and a little higher in children from 6 months – 17 years at around 59%

For anyone aged 6 months and older getting your flu vaccination or shot is the best thing you can do to prevent catching the flu this winter based on your own personal health status and not having any contraindications to receiving the flu shot. Getting your  shot also contributes to the “Community Immunity” – better known as Herd Immunity:

Herd Immunity
Why Community or Herd Immunity is Important

Listen in to find out why you need to get your flu vaccination each and every year and


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