Getting into the Exercise Habit

by Dr Nick

Exercise Routine

In this weeks video I discuss getting into the habit of exercise

Getting into a regular routine for exercise is the first step to making this part of everyday activity. How do you do that – the first step like most other incremental steps is to start. It can be hard and one of the important things is not to seek to do too much initially. If you can only get 5 minutes of exercise, get that. Once that’s a regular event and you are finding that easier, extend the time and distance to 10 minutes, 15 minutes and keep adding.

As for locations outside is always a good place to start but if that’s not ideal you can always try and find a gym, buy some cardio equipment maybe a second hand one or find a nearby mall to start your exercise program.
It can be hard to start but the most important thing is to start – if you can find a friend and start together, company always helps and if someone is expecting you it helps to keep you showing up every day.
Here are some simple suggestions for starting an exercise program





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