Healthcare Disruption – DigitalHealth

by Dr Nick

I presented to the Healthcare Thinktank in Austin on October 15 a presentation titles: Healthcare disruption

This was the outline:

Gartner ranked Dell the #1 worldwide IT services provider in healthcare in 2014. Dell sees global disruptions in healthcare delivery and continues to invest in strategies to address these rapid changes. They are actively enhancing development, implementation and adoption of novel technologies, services, and applications that will revolutionize information-driven care, resulting in improved patient outcomes and overall cost savings worldwide. Dr. Nick is responsible for providing strategic insight and will discuss some Dell’s strategies to achieve an IT environment that is interconnected, efficient and patient-focused.

I talked about the high level trends

  • Consumer Empowerment
  • Automation
  • Connected Health
  • Population Data
  • Big Data
  • Healthcare IT

and the impact of the consumers taking charge and how this will impact our future and took a look at the exciting future in healthcare that will include

  • Applied and Predictive Analytics
  • Telehealth
  • Secure Healthcare Cloud
  • Clinical Archives
  • Patient Engagement and how Social Media, Analytics and Mobile Clinical Computing are going to be important to enable this
  • Wearables and Internet of Things
  • Genomics and Precision Medicine and the impact this will have on data storage and archiving for healthcare facilities
  • and of course – Security

You can see my slides here


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