HIMSS15 The Year of DigitalHealth, Interoperability and Security

by Dr Nick

HIMSS is finally upon us and like the 20,000+ people heading Chicago there is a lot to take in, many options and far too much for any one person to see or catch up with. So what do you do?


First off – download the HIMSS Mobile APP that now comes with GPS intelligence which hopefully will start to provide keen insights into activities and opportunities that are nearby as you move around Chicago, the convention center and beyond


Download and print (I know not very environmentally friendly but there is a lot to absorb) the HIMSS Conference Guide (72 Pages) – or if you are feeling really clever send it to you iDevice, Pocket, Kindle or some other reading device

Or use the online version of the HIMSS of the guide – here

For the physician centric guide – head on over to this living breathing dynamic Google Document – put together by Wen Dombrowski (@HealthcareWen)

For the HIT Centric Guide from John Lynn (@TechGuy)

For the latest and greatest news be sure to follow the #HIMSS15 hashtag, and others linked to the conference including #DrHIT

And your best option for keeping up with the latest and greatest from Symplur tracking system on #HIMSS15 and that page features additional topics and tags worth following and tracking

And of course follow your Social Media (#SoMe) Ambassadors can all be found in this list on twitter


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