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HITMC Conference Review First Day

by Dr Nick

I attended the Health IT Marketing and PR Conference Schedule (HITMC) brought to you by the power house of John Lynn and Shahid Shah

You can see the social Media feed in this Storify story here


The day kicked off with insights from Stacy Goebel the Social Media Manager for StudioNorth that built the successful program for CDW Healthcare and HX360 at the recent HIMSS.

Dynamic presentation that tapped into their success at HIMSS with CDW that included 5 Tips for successful marketing at Healtcare conferences that starts with understanding the why for the program and and use this as the foundation for building an innovative program.



















If you are not subscribed Stacy referenced this great resource the Exhibitor Magazine that is full of resources for

Important to build on past successes – no need to reinvent the wheel. Ultimately it takes a village and engaging with the right resources in your own organization


THe next presentation: Elevate Your Brand with a Corporate Speaker’s Bureau by Don Seamons


THe 3 key to securing speaking engagements

  • Choose the rightt expert
    Well known amongst other expert
    Engaging speaker
    Volunteer for the industry organization
  • Choose the Right Event
    Match audience with your market
    Establish a relationship
  • Choose the Right Message
    Focus on though leadership
    Educate, don’t sell
    Involve your clients


Here’s my presentation on the getting your CMO/CMIO Socially Engaged

An exploration of Social media through the eyes of a Chief Medical Officer and clinicians. How can they effectively leverage resources in healthcare marketing and social media. Learn about the roles, responsibilities and activities of these clinical professionals and how they can be effectively used to extend marketing reach and build market thought leadership programs








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