Healthcare Technology September 3, 2018

Is Aspirin Good for Preventing Heart Disease?

by Dr Nick


Heart Health
Is Aspirin Good for Preventing Heart Disease?


This week we are focusing on Aspirin. A drug that’s been around for thousands of years going back to the Egyptians. It has some clear uses for getting rid of pain, reducing fever and decreasing inflammation but we have found other benefits as well. It is used as an emergency treatment for anyone thought to be suffering from a heart attack – chewable and full dose aspirin if possible, and for some time, the general medical guidance has been giving a baby or low dose aspirin to help prevent heart attacks.

But that guidance has been called into question with the release of a new study: Aspirin to reduce the risk of initial vascular events in patients at moderate risk of cardiovascular disease (or ARRIVE for short)

Incremental Steps in Deciding if Aspirin is Right for You

This week’s Incremental step – educate yourself on the background of Aspirin and its use for prevention in heart disease and then if you fall into any of the potential risk categories for heart disease book an appointment to discuss aspirin as part of your healthplan


As the Arrive Paper concluded:

“The use of aspirin remains a decision that should involve a thoughtful discussion between a clinician and a patient, given the need to weigh cardiovascular and possible cancer prevention benefits against the bleeding risks, patient preferences, cost, and other factors. The ARRIVE data must be interpreted and used in the context of other studies, which have tended to show a reduction primarily in myocardial infarction, with less of an effect on total stroke (including both ischaemic and haemorrhagic stroke). The overall decision to use aspirin for cardiovascular effects should be done with the help a clinician, given the complex calculus needed to balance all potential benefits and risks.”

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