DrVoice, iPhone, Mobile August 12, 2010

Nuance Medical Search Application Now Available

by Dr Nick

Nuance released their latest offering for the iPhone today (as previewed at HIMSS 2010)- it was reviewed in several journals including

AppAdvice: Dragon Search Goes Medical with a favorable review

Once again, Nuance Communications has another excellent app on their hands, although this one is much more narrowly tailored. But if you’re working in the medicinal field and want something to aid you on-the-fly with great speech recognition, then this is definitely a great choice. It’s simply a great pocket companion for you while on the job in case you need to reference something or get a refresher on a condition

You can download the App in iTunes here its free and in the same genre as some other medical search applications that include:
PubSearchPlus from deathraypizza! that provides an iPhone search front end to PubMed
Medical Search from Intelligentmobiles – designed to help find medical practitioners nearby
and some medical code search apps

The principle and idea is simple – tap to dictate the search term and automatically submit this to several popular medical sources:

Each of these search tabs appears in a slider across the top and offers a quick look at the search results for each of the medical sources. So for example – searching for “Pheochromocytoma” and results are displayed for each of the tabs:
Nuance Medical Search 001.jpgIMONuance Medical Search 002.jpg

Medline: Nuance Medical Search 003.jpg
MedscapeNuance Medical Search 004.jpg

As with many iPhone apps the individual links can be viewed directly on the screen and opened in the iPhone Safari browser. You can read more on the Nuance web site here and watch a video demo here.

Go ahead – give it a try and download it from the iTunes store now and let me know what you think

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