Who Am I

My name is Nick van Terheyden but most people know me as “Dr. Nick the Incrementalist”. I trained as a physician over 30 years ago and practiced medicine in the United Kingdom and Australia while pursuing a long-held interest and passion for innovation and applying technology to solve problems. I’ve had the privilege of living and working around the world benefiting from the exposure to other countries, people, and cultures that I apply on a daily basis to my work and insights. I was born in Africa and that continent and people remain close to my heart and passion. I have lived and worked in the Far East, Middle East, Europe, Australia and am currently based in the United States of America where I can be found enjoying an occasional tipple of Single Malt Whisky

My career has taken me through some of the largest and most prestigious companies and organizations with a diverse career in healthcare and technology innovation. I understand healthcare from the perspective of the providers, the patients or consumers, the technologists, the payors and policymakers.

I seek out the Incremental changes that can be applied quickly and effectively that offer immediate benefits and value but become part of an ongoing broader strategy to improve quality, reduce cost and increase access to healthcare. I seek out innovation in other industries that have already solved some of the most vexing problems we face in healthcare and understand how we can learn and successfully apply their innovation in the complex world of healthcare

In addition to writing and lecturing on futuristic trends in healthcare technology, my ability to speak in terms people can actually understand makes me a sought-out speaker on the practical and futuristic use of healthcare technology and how it can improve patient engagement and wellness.


Services I Offer


Strategic Insights and Business Planning

Healthcare Future Strategies and forecasting

Unbiased Technology Evaluation and Road Testing and Reporting

Executive Coaching and Training

Policy and Regulatory Review and Analysis

Social Media Training and Engagement

Social Media Influencing and Facilitation

Master of Ceremonies, Moderator and Conference Host

Keynote speaker

You can find more information on my speaker topics here or reach out to find out more about my services