The Incrementalist – Ari Lightman Finding Insights from Digital Data

by Dr Nick

Ari Lightman – Finding Insights from Digital Data

Carnegie Mellon University
Talking with Professor Ari Lightman

This week I am talking to Ari Lightman, Professor at the HJ Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University where he teaches a class at the intersection of marketing and IT including Digital Transformation, Principles of Marketing and Measuring Social

He shares insights on how we can smooth the transition to the information age we are all living in but not coping well. How do we communicate a story that is processed and understood by patients who come from a multiple different audience and importantly how we help people process information who come from widely varied backgrounds like Ethnographic specialist and the importance of bringing in other viewpoints into the healthcare team to help guide people through this overwhelming nature of data that we deal with on a daily basis.

Hear how we can create machine learning layers that can be added to systems to offer better insights and tools to help counter the growing complexity of the data in medicine.

We also talk about the security challenges in healthcare that are highly sophisticated thanks to the wealth of information available online on individuals to allow for highly precise social phishing attacks. Studies show that it is extremely easy to hack healthcare and he mentions the HHS study “Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Task Force” and shares some thoughts on how institutions, health systems, and individuals can combat these risks.

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