The Incrementalist – Bryan Vartabedian (Doctor_V) – Incremental Steps to Success with Electronic Health Records

by Dr Nick

Bryan Vartabedian (Doctor_V) – Incremental Steps to Success with Electronic Health Records

The Incrementalist Graphic Bryan Vartabedian

This week I am excited to be talking to one of the early trailblazers in social media who sits at the intersection between healthcare and technology Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, Physician Leader at Texas Children’s Hospital and @Doctor_V on twitter.

Despite being a physician raised on paper charts he sees the transition from paper to digital electronic medical records as a big positive step. He describes the pediatric residents he works with as rarely complaining about the EHR in the same way that many clinicians do. What is about the Digital Natives who have never held a paper chart that know no other medical record interaction and are more facile with this interface and how can we learn from their experiences. In the early days, it was the benefits of immediate access to information about patients that was shareable quickly that vastly outweighed the challenges associated with the early user interface if tempered a little by the lack of the interoperability.

Hear how Bryan changed his practice to adapt to the introduction of this technology that risked detracting from the face to face time with the patient and the one tool he uses in his clinical setting that has had a huge positive impact with his patient engagement and recall and explanation of clinical data

We also spend some time talking about Social Media and why it is such an important part of our world of clinical medicine and the moral imperative for the clinician to be engaged and participating in Social media – as he points out, this is where the patients are. Quick way to start is find a role model in your specialty to look, follow and mimic their steps to getting onboard this train. Listen below to get some great incremental steps to get involved in the Social Media world without getting overwhelmed.

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