The Incrementalist – Eric Topol Cardiologists on the Future of Digital Health

by Dr Nick


It was great to catch up with colleague and friend Dr. Eric Topol (@EricTopol), Executive VP and Professor, Molecular Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute Founder and Director, STSI

We had a wide-ranging discussion that included some specific incremental steps to better healthcare – include getting the data to the patient from every patient encounter and getting every person involved far more. We discuss wearables and sensors and the resistance to their implementation – hear his thoughts on how these sensors will become mainstream in healthcare

The more patients are into their healthcare the better the outcomes – in fact as Eric pointed out there are several studies that showed patients being treated for cancer did better from getting their data than from the treatment by cancer drugs

We cover everything from applications, the medical home, blockchain,  (some background reading on blockchain and the Inpatient paper he wrote with Leonard Kish)

Patient Engagement is the Blockbuster Drug of the Future – Leonard Kish

And a small teaser on the new book in the works focusing on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

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