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Tracking #Ebola Effectively hindered thanks to #ICD10 (double) delay

by Dr Nick

This graphic

Offers a timely reminder that the US Government delayed a second time the implementation of ICD10 coding system that is used in the rest of the world

There is no code for Ebola in ICD9 – just a non-specific 078.89: Other specified diseases due to viruses which covers:

Disease Synonyms
Acute infectious lymphocytosis
Cervical myalgia, epidemic
Disease due to Alpharetrovirus
Disease due to Alphavirus
Disease due to Arenavirus
Disease due to Betaherpesvirinae
Disease due to Birnavirus
Disease due to Coronaviridae
Disease due to Filoviridae
Disease due to Lentivirus
Disease due to Lone star virus
Disease due to Nairovirus
Disease due to Orthobunyavirus
Disease due to Parvoviridae
Disease due to Pestivirus
Disease due to Polyomaviridae
Disease due to Respirovirus
Disease due to Rotavirus
Disease due to Spumavirus
Disease due to Togaviridae
Duvenhage virus disease
Ebola virus disease
Epidemic cervical myalgia
Infectious lymphocytosis
Lassa fever
Le Dantec virus disease
Marburg virus disease
Mokola virus disease
Non-arthropod-borne viral disease associated with AIDS
Pichinde virus disease
Tacaribe virus disease
Vesicular stomatitis Alagoas virus disease
Viral encephalomyelocarditis
Applies To
Epidemic cervical myalgia
Marburg disease

ICD-10 has one specific code for Ebola: A98.4 – Ebola Virus Disease
Clinical Information
A highly fatal, acute hemorrhagic fever, clinically very similar to marburg virus disease, caused by ebolavirus, first occurring in the sudan and adjacent northwestern (what was then) zaire.

Accurate tracking and reporting stop at the border of the United States

This is one of many examples of codes “missing” in ICD9 for conditions and care we are already delivering and dealing with

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