Video Presentations

Here’s a sample of my presentations captured on video – either interviews, formal or informal presentations

Blunder and Wonders on Healthcare Analytics News:
Digital Health Blunders and Wonders: Vaping & Seqster


HIMSS TV Interview from HIMSS 18


HIMSS TV Debate on Security with David Harlow

My Video Biography from my Time at Dell

AIMed 2017 Wrap Up Video


2016 MedX Conference – Innovating Processes

Interview at Exponential Medicine Insights Lounge – Innovations In Healthcare

Interview at Exponential Medicine Insights Lounge with Zayna Khayat – Personalized Medicine

Presentation – Will Healthcare be Delivered by George Jetson in the Future
Future of Healthcare Summit – World Health Strategy

Dell Think Tank at SXSW16 #DoMoreHIT Highlight Reel

Dell Lounge at SXSW16 Highlight Reel

Preview of the SXSW16 #DoMOreHIT Panel

Digital Health & Wellness Summit @ Mobile World Congress 2016

Arc Interview – Future of Healthcare

Interview with Dr Cromwell, Director of GI Surgery at the University of Iowa

Interview at HIMSS16 (March 2016, Las Vegas)

and the follow up Blab with TechGuy and Dr David Rhew CMO from Samsung

Interviewing Dr Geeta Nayyer on Topline MD TV about HIMSS

Talking about Healthcare Technology with Dr Geeta Nayyer on TopLine MD TV

Predicting the Future of Healthcare

Our Remote Future (October 2015)
A look inside our remote future from Dellworld. What will our world look like in 2020? How will big data algorithms, mood-sensing computing and other innovations impact how we work and interact? Experts provide insight on what the future beholds in industries such as health care and education.

This was the interview I did at DellWorld Live on Innovation in Healthcare

We had some Fun at DellWorld that took place on “Back to the Future Day” (October 21, 2015 at 4:29pm) and in honor of that I did a couple of promotional videos to accompany the Time Machine we had on the show flow


Technology talks back: My ABC News Interview with reporter Tina Trinh in July 2014

World News Videos | US News Videos
ABC News Interview




From the Nuance Art of Medicine Campaign

And these quick videos on Patient Engagement

This on Natural Language Processing (NLP): Intelligent Data through Clinical Language Understanding = Better Healthcare

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