Voice of the Doctor – July Part 2

by Dr Nick

July Voice of the Doctor Guests

Jul 13
Talking to Don Rosenthal (You can follow him on twitter @DonRosenthal) part of the original team that developed the scheduling system for the Hubble Space Telescope and ran the artificial intelligence group at NASA. HE is also the founder and CTO of Allocade and publishes a blog THITSE A Mashup of Tech, Healthcare IT, and Space Exploration
He published a two part blog on HiTech answer on Medical Records Interoperability: My medical data should move with me as easily as my music or photo library and Part 2 where he threw down the “latex” gauntlet to the #HealthIT industry in creating interoperability that was as easy as sharing my music and photos libraries <–I could not agree more with his points and these articles are worth digesting to get a good understating of the barriers we all face to sharing medical data effectively and creating truly interoperable healthcare.

We will be talking about Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and how we can bring this technology to the complex world of medicine.

Will AI really make a difference to healthcare or is it still a mirage on the horizon of innovation
Can AI replace the clinicians consultation and review and should it
What can we learn from AI implantation from NASA and space exploration where time and distance have significant impact on the need for autonomous intelligence.

Jul 20
Monthly news round up – more opportunity to dive into the latest news and activities. THere has been lots of follow up commentary and discussion on the ruling and we will cover this as well as the most recent #HealthIT #HITsm #hcsm #HIT #EMR #CMIO #doctors #mHealth news

Jul 27
I am looking forward to talking with Gregg Masters (You can follow him on twitter @2healthguru). He is the CEO of Xantamedia and a well recognized voice and Top Players in the Social Media world. I had the privilege of meeting Gregg a while back in person and have enjoyed reading his posts and thoughts.

He and I exchanged tweets shortly after the #SCOTUS #ACA ruling was announced after I posted a link to this: Health-care leaders: Ruling no cure for spiraling costs which for me was an interesting take on the challenges that talked about the fragmented nature of the healthcare system and a general agreement that it’s broken:

“We all agree, I think, that the current fee-for-service model has all the wrong incentives in it,” said Swedish Medical Center CEO Kevin Brown. “The health-care system has been really fragmented, with independent entities all working for their own best interests.”

I liked the concept they talked about where:

Insurers and providers have worked together, rejiggering the typical payment model to shift incentives toward keeping people healthy instead of just running up bills when they’re sick.

Which reminded me of the ancient practice of paying the doctor in your village while you were healthy, only stopping paying him when you fell ill (I know simplistic but quite compelling). They did say that

The Affordable Care Act, which relies on private insurance, for the most part doesn’t directly address costs.

And while it represents a start (every journey begins with a step) there are still holes (tort and medical liability to mention a couple). Gregg responded and suggested that:

innovation will come via margins aka CMMI. Private market ACOs & direct practice models galloping ahead

We had a series of exchanges and I suggested that instead of the 140 character exchange he come on my radio show to discuss and he graciously agreed. Much as I did pre the release of the ruling, when I had the pleasure of talking with Sam Bierstock on March 30, we started with tentatively opposing views but in reality our opinions were not widely different. You can hear download that show here

I’m looking forward to a lively and informative discussion and by then will have had an extra 2 weeks to diets more of the details of the ruling and its potential effects.

Hope you can join me on #Voice of the Doctor

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