Wearable’s Health and Voice The Perfect Storm

by Dr Nick

This is a summary of the presentation I gave at the HIC 2015 conference in Brisbane on Wednesday Aug 5 at 12:15pm (program)

Technology is an integral part of our lives – just take a look around:

All pervasive
All pervasive

But unfortunately our health has suffered as a result of lifestyle changes – elegantly captured by this chart by (this courtesy of Brigitte Piniewski, MD)

As she describes it we all want to move form the “No Fun” to the “Fun” part of life

So how do we achieve that – much of this will come from Patient Centered Healthcare and Monitoring that offers increased efficiency of healthcare delivery that includes

  • Self management
  • Patient data capture
  • Home Health and Telemedicine
  • Improved Personalized Medical Treatment

And significantly using wearables to help track and monitor multiple parameters about our health

That landscape is packed with technology as captured in this great chart from Rock Health:



Biosensing wearables landscape


But unfortunately while we have seen benefit form these devices their effect tends to tail off and keeping participants engaged needs some interaction as this piece in the NY Times pointed out: Technology That Prods You to Take Action, Not Just Collect Data 

But all these devices share a common problem – they are typically difficult to interact with and use not least of all because o the small screen. Speech has th potential to help alleviate these problems by offering a simple easy to use interface that features:

  • Voice Biometrics that can authentication and customize the experience
  • Includes understanding that offers conversation as well as Direct Access to Functions with simple easy to remember phrases or commands
  • And responds with Expressive, natural sounding, customized voice


All this is multiple steps of processing by the machine based on one simple command:



Intelligent systems break down technology barriers and ease the shift to the digital age of healthcare.


Are you ready to…

Do more of what’s possible,

Do more of what matters,

Do more of what brings success?

You can find the presentation here on slideshare or below


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