Would you like a statin with that Burger

by Dr Nick
Perhaps a better strategy might be not eating the burger and shake rather than offering packets of Statins to go with excess fat and food intake:
A Burger, Shake, and Some Statins
But practical challenges seem to prevent our ever increasingly over weight society from moderating input so this could prove to be a practical approach that works. You might even find food manufacturers and restaurant offering to add it to food for you. In some respects this is similar to the addition of the anti dote to overdose of acetaminophen (Tylenol) that is available and would prevent liver damage in the case of over dosage. But like this concept statins may suffer the same challenge – economics. While most recognize the value of extra safety of adding the antidote to Acetaminophen this version has limited sales as it costs more and cannot compete with cheaper version that don’t contain the antidote. Adding statins will likely be an economic issue not to mention the side effects that accompany statin therapy
Would you take food with statins for prevention?

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