Your Body and Cholesterol

by Dr Nick

This week I’m talking about Cholesterol. What it is, where does it come from (hint your diet is only a small part) and what does your body use it for

Fatty Foods – Are they as bad as we think?


It’s interesting that when you search for cholesterol the recurring image is of Eggs which have been closely linked with Cholesterol and to some degree part of a simplistic link that associates food that contain cholesterol with cholesterol levels in our body but it’s not that simple.


The word Cholesterol comes from the Greek Chole for bile and sterus for solid and adds an “ol” at the end for hydroxyl functional group or alcohol bond on the molecule. It is a lipid molecule and is found in cell membranes and in signaling molecules like our the hormones Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone. Suffice to say our body needs it so the idea you get rid of all your cholesterol to be healthy won’t work.

So what does it mean for your health, how much should you eat and what are all these HDL, LDL and VLDL measures your blood test and what do they mean for you? Listen in to find out the details of the cholesterol measurement and what they mean to you and what Incremental Steps you should be taking regarding cholesterol in your diet an for your health.

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